Pull Up Trainer - Tie Dye R1 ***See Details

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  • The Newest Pull-Up style trainers show great improvement with larger sizing, fitting 30-55lbs, with front rise snaps.

  • Outer layer is our printed waterproof layer, 3 layers of cotton then topped with another layer of cotton. 

  • Cotton against the skin will allow for your little learner to feel the wetness on their skin so they can learn the signs. 

  • Elastic on the front, back and around the legs of this diaper.  Features a pocket to add additional absorbency if you find you need it. ***ONLY FITS NEWBORN INSERT IN THIS ROUND
  • While these are  a “Pull-Up” Style,  it also has 3 sets of snaps on each side to give the best hip fit and so it can be easily removed in an accident situation for a hassle free cleanup.