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I began using Squishy Tushie for all of my cloth diapering needs based on a friend’s recommendation when I was new to cloth diapering. I have never been HAPPIER with a company! I got 90% of my whole stash from them, my diaper bag, wet bags, diaper pods, elastic liners for my cloth basket, cloth wipes, wipe solution, cloth wipe holders, nursing pads, and HW’s for overnights all from them QUICKLY! They are durable, effective, and cute as heck. 10/10 recommend to everyone!

Cecilia M.

Our Squishy Tushie are our absolute FAVORITE!!! The diaper design gives us the perfect fit & the prints are fun. Selena is the sweetest and goes out of her way to make her customers happy. We love all our Squishy Tushie products from the diapers to our diaper bag. We’ve bought just about every product ST offers and haven’t been disappointed yet.

Martha H.

Squishie Tushie is our favorite cloth diaper company. They have a wide variety of products. The galaxy diaper bag is by far our favorite and we ordered 2 more bags in different prints. They also have fantastic customer service. Will definitely continue buying their diapers and other products!

Amanda H.

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