One Size Heavy Wetter AIO 2.0 w/ AWJ - Mama’s Boy

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All of our Squishy Tushie one size(OS) Heavy Wetter AIO 2.0 diapers will grow with your little one from 8-35lbs, so no need to buy additional sizes.

Light Weight & Trim, from the silky smooth waterproof outer shell to the buttery soft Athletic Wicking Jersey(AWJ) lining inside, this will keep your little ones sensitive areas cool & dry with this breathable lining. Silky Smooth Curved Tummy Panel at the top inner to help prevent leaking. 
Gentle Elastics around the legs for containment along with the back elastic for the pocket to keep additional inserts you might want to use from sliding out.

Sewn inside of this beauty between the outer shell & AWJ lining is 3 blended layers of Charcoal Bamboo, covered 1 layer AWJ.
Attached by snap - 1 insert of 3 blended layers of Charcoal Bamboo, wrapped with 2 layers buttery soft AWJ all around. Insert is edged with AWJ.
This combination gives a great diaper for long trips, naps, or a heavy wetter. 

There are 4 areas of snaps that help keep a great fit on your little one, no matter what stage of life. 
"Rise Snaps" - which make the diaper smaller or larger as needed.
"Waist Snaps" -
 which make it fit perfectly around their belly.
"Hip Snaps" - to help give a good seal around their legs to prevent leaks. 
"Dirty Closure Snaps" - when the diaper is soiled, roll it up, snap it and toss in a wetbag.

Machine Washable & Dryer Safe but recommended on low heat. 
The AIO take a little bit longer in the dryer than a pocket as there are more layers in total. 
Let your diapers cool completely from dryer before you add your insert.