What style diapers are there and how do they differ?

As you have probably seen there are many styles of cloth diapers. 

Newborn AIO 2.0 - The ST fit 5-12lbs with a set of rise snaps to choose the smaller or larger fit.  Microfleece inner material with 1 insert sewn inside containing 3 layers hemp cotton blend & 1 snap on insert containing the same.  Making it 6 amazing hemp layers + 2 microfleece layers.

One Size Pocket Diapers  - One size fit 8-35lbs with stretchy tabs for all waist sizes. Rise snaps in the front to make these smaller or larger fit. Has a pocket to add your absorbency. When soiled the whole diaper goes into the laundry. 

Cover - Same exact fit of a pocket but without the pocket part. There are flaps to tuck your choice of absorbency into. These are made so that you can replace the insert and wipe out the cover and use it again vs put into the laundry. 

All In One (AIO) - With most AIO diapers the absorbency is already sewn into or snapped onto the diaper and ready to put on the baby. Let it be known that not all AIO have a good material for absorbency so additional inserts maybe required. 

XL MVPocket Diapers - These diapers are made to fit 20-70lbs. Designed just like the OS pockets but larger! The ST XL diapers have AWJ inner material which keeps the skin cool and include a 4 layer cotton bamboo XL insert. 

Training Pants - Trainers for short. They come in 2 sizes. 8-35lbs with a cotton inner so that your LO will feel when wet. Also a 30-55lbs trainer with cotton inner and a pocket for additional absorbency! 

There are other types of diapering items used for absorbency, fitted, flats, prefolds, preflats. If your not interested in any above mentioned check out these.