How to wash my diapers after use

After your LO has soiled the diaper you will wash it all. But there are a few things to know first. 

#1. Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets. Over time it can cause the inner material to repel and stop absorbing.

#2. Do you have hard water? 

If your not sure, go to Walmart, in the fish isle and find the Hard Water Test Kit. You will test the water at the source closest to the washer if you can’t directly use the washer water. Anything higher than 120ppm will need to use an additive like Borax Powder or Calgon Liquid in the cycles to help prevent mineral buildup in the fabric. 

If you use Tide detergent you will not need this additive as Tide naturally softens the water safely up to 180ppm. Anything higher than this with Tide will require the additive.  

#3. You will be washing each load of diapers 2x everytime.

Think about everything your washing out of those  diapers, ewww!

The first wash with soap is called the “Prewash” this is where most of the grunt will get washed out. This can be any temperature water. If measuring detergent in the cap typically used is Line 1.  
After this wash pull diapers off the sides of the drum and fluff up.

Second wash also with soap is called the “Main Wash” this is the cycle where they really come clean. If you have hot water, use that as it will render best results. If measuring detergent in the cap typically used is Line 3.

After your diapers are squeaky clean toss them into the dryer on normal heat.

After dry but before stuffing pockets make SURE that they are fully dry because eventually stretching warm elastics will relax them and will need replaced.  
Some items such as 6 layer inserts or AIO diapers might need a little more time in the dryer to fully dry throughout the layers.