Cloth Diaper 101

Prepping Your New Cloth Diapers

Your diapers will need to be washed upon arrival to remove any loose fibers and factory debris. 

You can wash the pockets 1x but any inserts you purchase need to be washed 3-5x times back to back depending on the type so that they can become their most absorbent. The last wash cycle should be with soap. 

You can hang dry or dry in the dryer on normal heat. 
**Drying your diapers on normal heat helps lock in the seal on the waterproof material. 

Heavy Wetter AIO 2.0 will need washed 5x, best on hot back to back for its most effective absorbency. 

**Tip, if you don’t want to wash 5x just remember less times will work but it will work not be it’s best absorbency until it hits 5x.