Ultimate AIO - Juicy Blueberries

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THE ULTIMATE AIO - Previously Heavy Wetter AIO 2.0

Whether you're diapering a new babe or a toddler, the Ultimate AIO is designed to grow with your child, providing comfort and protection throughout their entire diapering journey. 

Fits 10-60lbs
Buttery soft & breathable athletic wicking jersey(AWJ)
2" Tummy panel
Thicker back elastic
Crossover & dirty closure snaps
10-12hr leak free nights

Sewn inside - 3 blended layers of Charcoal Bamboo, wrapped in black AWJ.
Attached by snap - 1 insert of 3 blended layers of Charcoal Bamboo, wrapped with 2 layers buttery soft AWJ all around. Insert is also edged with AWJ.
This combination gives a great diaper for long trips, naps, overnight or a heavy day wetter. 
Inside is fully lined with AWJ to keep babes skin cool & dry.

Does NOT include extra inserts but you can get your now---> Black Out Edition Inserts.