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What is a Preorder and what does it mean?

Each month a new round of preorders open for 15 days. A preorder is just an order you place for items you want that have not yet started to be made. 
Once customer orders are submitted, I know exactly what prints in what styles to order. I submit my order and the process begins. 

I keep everyone informed of what part of the process it’s on, along with any pictures they provide me with. 
Preordering ensures that you get the prints in the styles that you want, where as if no one ordered it during preorder then I wouldn’t put it on my order and it wouldn’t be an option. 
By preordering you also get the prices a little cheaper than the stock prices and they are shipped to you up to 2 weeks before anyone else even has the chance to purchase them! 
Our preorders take 6-8 weeks from submission, printing, cutting, sewing and shipping to me.